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GB Commemoratives: Errors, Flaws & Varieties

United Kingdom Commemorative stamps came in Sheets , Miniature Sheets, Prestige and Greetings Booklets. These too have many errors & flaws.

The colour shifts occur during printing process of the stamps. These errors and flaws vary a lot. 
The ones shown here have made a difference. The colour shift changes the appearance of the original picture.  For Example: 
Yellow flowers have green colour on it, Horses have multiple ears and Reins. On other stamps you see: Split Twigs, Lipstick out of place, Collar shift etc. All these shifts and variations are explained in our online shop with images.

A picture paints a thousand words

Below are some samples of Error in Stamp

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12p Queen Mother's 80th Birthday

12p Queen Mother's 80th Birthday Stamp Ref: 6203

17½p Xmas 1980

17½p Xmas 1980 Stamp Ref: 6221

10½p Year of the Child 

10½p Year of the Child Stamp Ref: 6436

17½p London Landmarks

17½p London Landmarks Stamp Ref: 6465

12p Famous Authoresses

12p Famous Authoresses Stamp Ref: 5921A

13½p Famous Authoresses

13½p Famous Authoresses Stamp Ref: 5979

15p Famous Authoresses

17½p Famous Authoresses Stamp Ref: 6021

17½p Famous Authoresses

17½p Famous Authoresses Stamp Ref: 6056

9p Horse Racing

9p Horse Racing Stamp Ref: 6421

12p Sport Centenaries

12p Sport Centenaries Stamp Ref: 5851

9p British Wildlife

9p Error Otter Stamp Ref: 5883

11p British Architecture

11p British Architecture Stamp Ref: 5826

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