GB Stamps Errors in QE ll 
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 Error in a Stamp? 

What is an Error in stamps?  It is a mistake during printing and cutting sheets of postage stamps. These errors range from minor to major.  
These errors and flaws on stamps can be: imperforations, spots, blotches, scratches, repairs, retouches, patches, blemishes, badly cut sheets & booklet panes, broken numbers and letters. Not to forget, missing colours on stamps and booklet covers, colour shifts, overprints on stamps, inside and outside booklet covers etc.

Error, Flaws & Varieties in Stamps can also be: 
Bad Phosphor Printing: Missing phosphor, left or right phosphor shifts, full phosphor in centre, short phosphors and phosphor inset. Phosphor numbers missing or printed in the wrong place.

GB Stamps Errors is the only Website that gives you, the collectors, exquisite details of the imperfections in modern Queen Elizabeth Decimal stamps. Many of them are Newly Discovered that include Flaws, Errors and Varieties in QE ll Decimal Stamps of Great Britain.

As an avid Collector, Start Collecting these Errors, Flaws and Varietes  of GB Stamps.

Where can you buy them:
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These errors are vintage and getting rarer!

Royal Mail's new announcement

1. Decimal Stamps are being replaced by
New Bar-Coded Stamps with RM Swap-out scheme
2. All commemorative stamps are valid for use as postage.
3. Old definitives cannot be used as postage. 
4. Old definitives can be sold to collectors as they are collectibles too.


Error  no. 3

Queen Mother's 80th Birthday

Queen Mother  Error Face Yellow

Queen Mother's face:

Error No. 2

Authoress 1980

Authouress - Error Colour Shifts

Major green colour shifted down:
1. Green shifted on the hand and yellow strip on scarf and sleeve.
2. Pink-red colour shifted right. Woman in background has more pink-red colour on her head scarf.

Error  no. 1

Queen Mother's 80th Birthday

Qoeen Mother Ckack Shift down

Queen Mother's face:
Lipstick shifted up due to Black Colour shifting down

Decimal QEll GB Stamp Errors

On 15th February 1971 in UK, a range of denominations of Great Britain decimal stamps were printed and issued in Sheets, Coils and Booklets. The panes were cut and inserted in booklets.
Stanley Gibbons (SG) started cataloguing errors and flaws in 1971.
Later SG printed a Specialised Stamp Catalogue for Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth ll Decimal Definitive Issues.
Earlier Stamps with error and flaws below.
Errors such Dots, Spots and Blemishes became important. 


Best Opportunity for Enhancing and Adding these Errors, Flaws & Varieties to your Stamps Collection

Definitives from Booklets



These Newly Discovered (ND) Errors & Flaws were found in:
GB Vending Machines Folded, Counter, Prestige Booklets, 
Definitives (Machins) & Commemorative sheets, FDC, 
Non Value Indicator (NVI) booklets and Used stamps.
This collection of errors are from QE2 Decimal stamps between 1973 to 1993 . After scrutinising thousands of stamps from the collection, the Errors & Flaws found  were documented.
Colour Shifts in stamps can make lipstick to be on nose, cheek or chin, Right or Left of lip, Split twigs, create shadows and much more humorous results.
Many Errors & Flaws are Newly Discovered from these modern stamps and have not been seen until now.  

All Stamps and Booklets References are from:  
Deegam (DG)
Modern British Philatelic Circle (MBPC)
Machine Collectors Club (MCC)
Stanley Gibbons (SG)
Stoneham (STN)

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